Running visualizer

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After a successful half marathon first Sunday this month, I really came to realize how much I love and enjoy running. Therefore I wanted to do a small project based on my workout data that I have gathered over the past year or so. runviz is a direct consequence of this.

Earlier, I have tinkered with game development, but recently I haven't really prioritized it — a development that I'm not entirely satisfied with. Therefore I decided to combine the two passions and do this small project.

So, what is it really?

Well, you could go and see for yourself here. If you are curious about the mechanics and/or maybe trying with your own data, you are welcome to adapt the source to your needs.

Screenshot of runviz

Each workout is represented by a small runner (a sprite) that starts at kilometre zero and runs the distance indicated by the workout, of course taking speed into account.


Some parts turned out to be rather challenging. My game development skills are a bit rusty, and I choose to use pixi.js as rendering engine, which is quite bare bones (not a complete game framework, rather lightweight engine / library). Also, Javascript. Enough said.

I would have liked to add nicer graphics, especially regarding the background and atmosphere. The background is great, but does not quite have the right dimensions for a proper parallax scrolling background. More background layers of varying distances would be awesome.